Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Macedonian merriment

Father Branko of St. George’s Macedonian Church was beaming last Sunday. “I could not be happier,” he told Mr. Hall. “The weather’s perfect, the crowds are better this year and Congressman Dan Maffei is scheduled to make an appearance at 6:00 pm this evening. Enjoy the kabobs and the Macedonian wine, but please leave room for dessert- it is on me! I insist!” The Halls always enjoy coming to the Macedonian festival each summer; the funeral home is a proud sponsor and had, in fact, donated a substantial amount towards the good father’s new vestments. The lamb and the beef kabobs were particularly good this year, though the main draw for Mrs. H. was the completion of the beautiful frescos inside the church itself. Handpainted by an artisan imported from the old country and finished in gold gilt, they were the church’s pride and joy. Each generation continues teaching the next and it was a delight to see the teenagers in present day garb, demonstrating traditional dances to the youngsters in ethnic customs. Music swelled and the party warmed up; Fr. Branko’s lovely wife Lijana brought over some crepes made with bananas and nutella paste- (“They’re not really authentic, but I love to make them!” she explained.) and they were truly wonderful. After strolling about and indulging in some of the games of chance, Mr. Hall signaled Mrs. Hall, in her newly won prize novelty hat, that it was time to go. “Looks like another week of double time on the treadmill,” sighed Mrs. Hall, and they rearranged themselves in the car seats and headed home.

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