Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Apple Corps

Mrs. Hall waved to Mr. Hall as he pulled the big black car out of the hanger and sped off to work. It was very odd to not be in the copilot's seat in the morning, but she and Ian had big plans; they were off to the Masonic Lodge to help the Eastern Star ladies and gentlemen in the kitchen. Autumn apple harvest time means the annual OES Apple Pie Sale, and that brings out all the usual suspects around Marcellus for one of the last remaining American vestiges of the community event. Like old fashioned quilting bees and barn-raisings, these community affairs used to be common place in an agrarian society; but time, having marched on even in these backwater eddies, had taken it's toll, and all that can be found of gatherings on that scale around these parts, is the Pie Sale.
All the Hall's children, and usually a few hostages brought along unawares, have taken part in the pie making at one point or another. It's good for them to see the neighborhood come together, says Mr. Hall; and with the added bonus of being able to put their time in as community service hours towards their high school requirements, it's usually not hard to round up extra kids. Throw in the fact that the Lodge provides a free lunch and apple pie for dessert and you've got the recipe for a humdinger of a fundraiser.
The Monitor was lucky enough to get some photos of the pie makers in action Wednesday; several of Marcellus' most prominent citizens can be seen manning the tables and tools. Shown at left: Bon vivant and man about town Mr. Hugh Norris (former owner of Norris' Funeral Home)was seen cutting up with Mrs. Carol Czolowski (former employee of the IRS). "Death and Taxes", as they are commonly called, are most likely to be found jabbing at each other good-naturedly, near the pie presses.

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