Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's getting scarier every day

Halloween decorations have been springing up daily at the Hall, where the residents really get into the "spirit" of the holiday. The pumpkins have been placed in their most seasonally satisfying positions, between the remaining geraniums and the fast-fading petunias, no thanks to an early frost this year. Bats and ghosts fly freely about the Hall, and in a yearly nod to the revelries, Mrs. H. has refrained from her usual dusting schedule* to allow the arachnid population at the Hall to get a headstart on their own little cobweb display. The children are really getting worked up about the upcoming candy fest, but Killer (who has grown to some rather scary dimensions herself) remains obstinately unfazed about the whole event.

(*Mr. Hall remarks it's a futile gesture, at the very least- Mrs. H.'s dusting "schedule" is little more than a once a month loosey- goosey swish, rather than any strictly adhered to weekly regimen.)

A quick note from our Rockin' Rumor department: Did you forget? Have you taken your zombie outfit out of mothballs and checked to see if it needs a trip to the cleaners? Reports are coming in fast now, and interest is really growing for the Zombie Mob 2009, coming up October 24th. Check out the website for details here and/or follow the fun on Twitter. Get your Zombie on now- remember: brains are good for you; they're Mensa approved!

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