Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's finally official!

The Halls dropped off Master Ian at the recruiter’s office Tuesday morning, with a valise in his hand and a lump in his throat. He was nervous, but ready. After taking the ASFAB test required of all incoming recruits, Ian was put up at a local hotel courtesy of the US government, to spend the night and await his physical. He called Mrs. Hall, just to check in, last evening. “Hey Mom- I did great!” he said. Apparently, when he asked the sergeant how he had scored on the test, at first Sgt. Phillips had looked down and said, well, he didn’t do very well but with some luck and persuasion, the sergeant might be able to get him a job as a cook. Ian was dashed, but then realized the sergeant was just pulling his leg, and came around laughing. “I was thinking about driving tanks, but Sgt. Phillips is recommending me for intelligence.” Mrs. Hall told him he could do whatever he liked but he should keep an open mind and consider the good sergeant’s advice.
The next morning was rainy and raw; there were news reports of damage all around the Syracuse area from a strong storm that had passed through early morning. Master Ian was already waiting for the Halls at the office at the 174th Fighter Wing at Hancock Airport, anxious and ready to swear in. “The storm was blowing away like mad when we got off the bus this morning,” he related- “It was so cool!” Nothing was going to dissuade him today. Promptly at noon, Ian was ushered into the ceremony room and sworn in, in front of his sergeant and Mr. and Mrs. Hall. It was a proud moment for them all.
A quick lunch afterwards, and then they dropped him off at the Hall. “We have to go back to work,” Mrs. Hall explained, “but we’ll see you tonight for festivities.” But Master Ian was nearly asleep on the couch under the huge Marine flag he had hung up on the wall over him. It had already been a full and wonderful day for him.

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