Monday, January 25, 2010

Campus capers part the second

Mistress Colleen was mostly a blur Sunday morning. While Mrs. Hall made a couple of stacks of Belgium waffles for Ian and his friend Travis, who had spent the night, Colleen was running up and down the stairs, loading her car and the family flivver with brand-new bright spring green and cerulean blue bedroom accessories. “Com’n Mom- we have to go!” she pleaded. “It’s going to be jammed over there if we wait any longer.”
Her prediction was accurate. Cars were already lining up along the pathway by the front of the dorms. It looked like base camp at Mt. Everest; countless student Sherpas were hauling bagload after bagload up to the doors and to their various rooms. Packing everything onto a nearby trolley, Colleen dragged the unwieldy cart into the elevator. “It’s on the third floor!” she chirped happily and Mr. Hall just shook his head- I’ve never helped to move anyone to a ground floor, he sighed. It’s always up a couple of flights.
Colleen retrieved the keys from the RAs and was so eager to get to her room, she dropped them opening the door. But once inside, she was thrilled. The dorms at OCC had only been built three years ago, so the fixtures and hallways all still looked fairly new and fresh. Finding her suite, she glanced about at her roommates accessories. Bright spring green and cerulean blue blankets and towels were laid out neatly on her bed. She looked out the window at the hoards spilling out of their cars, and spotted little blobs of spring green and cerulean all over the parking lot. “Apparently, these are the colors of the year,” she said. “Oh, well- at least we’ll all match!” and promptly started to unload her things.
When the work was all done, Colleen and Mrs. Hall surveyed the kitchen area. The countertops were bright and clean. “Let’s celebrate with the quintessential dorm room food,” said Colleen, and she ran into her room to get a box out of her stash. She came out with a package of strawberry frosted Poptarts©. “To your new digs” toasted Mrs. H. and they tapped poptarts and started eating. “Mmmmm,” she said. “Tastes like freedom.” Mr. H. sat on the couch in the living area and watched the University of Michigan/ Ferris State game. “Good reception up here,” he grunted.
Then it was time to go. After the warm hugs and usual litany of maternal warnings, the Halls crawled back into the van and headed off. “We’ll see her by next week- for something- I guarantee,” said Mr. H.


liz lazardo said...

misstress colleen is doing very well in her new dwellings! She has met and befriended her roomates and has learned all the little tricks about dormatory life. Her classes are fun and exciting,and although there has been reports of sudden pangs of homesickness, colleen is estatic with her new-found freedom! :) :)

Penguin Hall said...

Thanks for the update! Wookie would like to convey that while she enjoys having the run of your room, she still misses you. Oh, and she bought you a little dorm-warming gift. You can pick it up next time you come by to scratch her ears.

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