Friday, January 22, 2010

Campus Capers

Plenty of activity can be noticed around the Hall lately. Mistress Colleen, in an attempt to clean out her room and pack for her move, has been churning up clouds of dust upstairs. This Sunday, she spreads her wings and heads over to the campus of Onondaga Community College, to a new dorm and some fresh bunkmates.
While Mrs. Hall is loathe to contemplate the prospect of the little penguins leaving the nest, she realizes that this is just one in a series of small steps for them, and so, they just have to make the best of it. Taking Wednesday off and making it a girl’s day out, Mrs. H. and Colleen headed towards the shops in search of the perfect dorm room apparel. A few hours (and several $$$ later) they were happily ensconced at the Panera Bread Co. chatting away over their purchases and some sandwiches and plotting the future.

The Monitor will bring further updates as this story unfolds; stay tuned!

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