Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That must be why it's called Snigill póstur

In the spirit of herring tosses and marinated gill pancakes, Gail Perry, noted authoress and past guest at Penguin Hall, has resurrected that fine old Icelandic tradition of hátíð doldrums vetur, also known as "The waking of St. Slugabed". The cherished ritual of seasonal greetings and reciprocating letters of family roundups, (sometimes accompanied by a tin of sluge ógeðslegur, a piquant mixture of seal fat, spices and nuts!) was brought home again by Gail, whose journey to Iceland brought new appreciation for this charming past time.
To be sure, the true historical date of this island revelry and gala, while somewhat muddled, is placed by researchers to be somewhat later in the calendar, nearly just ahead of our festival of winter desperation known as Groundhog's Day; but Gail, ever the soul of dedication and avid preparation, jumped the gun just a bit.
Kudos to Gail for bringing to life a ceremony long lost to so many.

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Penguin Hall said...

A combination of too many overcast days and too little coffee combined to make Mrs. H. a tad on the hazy side this am; she inadvertantly deleted this comment from Gail:
"Thanks for turning my late Christmas card into something that sounds way more special!"
Special thanks to Gail for the card, the comment and the continued viewing of the blog!

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