Friday, January 22, 2010

Field Promotion

Due to calling up of some of his fellow DEPs (the name for the pool of recruits waiting in the Delayed Entrance Program), Ian has been named Squad Leader of his group. Sgt. Phillips pulled Ian aside last weekend and told him he was placing him in charge of the group and that he would report directly to him and the district leader. There are about 10 young men in the pool, known as “Poolies” and Ian is responsible for maintaining the flow of information to and from them.
Sgt. Phillips has had nothing but praise for young Master Ian since he joined the program. Ian’s enthusiasm for the Corps has been infectious and his pride and patriotism has inspired a new batch of young men to join Ian on his weekly trips to work out as well. It is not uncommon on Wednesdays around the Hall to find several new faces, waiting to fill up the family conestoga and ride off with Ian to be pummelled, punished and generally pushed to their physical limits once a week with the Marines in the area.
Recognized as a team player for some time now, it was only natural that Ian would assume the leadership role with his group. Kudos to Ian; the Monitor will be watching your progress with great anticipation!

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